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NAME: Archer "Archie" LeFontaine
AGE: Mid/late 20s
HEIGHT: 182 cm/6'ish
BUILD: Slim, broad-shouldered, lithely muscular
HAIR: Sandy blond
EYES: Blue
PB: Norman Reedus

Possesses several distinguishing physical characteristics including tattoos (devils on his back and inner upper right arm, typography over his heart and right forearm, a serpent on his left thigh, a star on his right hand, heart on his right wrist, and a small "x" above his left collarbone), a noticeable scar running down his left cheek, and a beauty mark near his mouth.


Grifter, drifter, exceptionally skilled at sleight of hand and misdirection. He has a tendency to measure others by what can be taken from them, or what he stands to gain by their association with him, but does have his (infrequent) moments of unselfish kindness as well — particularly if he likes someone. He's capable of loyalty with the right incentive though it's only likely to last as long as it benefits him. Unlikely to ever fully trust anyone, experience has taught him there are always ulterior motives at play. Perpetually working some angle or another, and he rarely makes the same mistake twice.

When playing it straight he's an accomplished card shark and gambler, and cheating just helps to stack the odds in his favour. He understands the dangers of being caught — and has the record and scars to show for it, but is still willing to take risks. He's held a multitude of odd jobs, including his recent work at a carnival, and also occasionally tries his hand at performing on the street. (It's just generally more profitable to pickpocket.) While living in Louisiana he's picked up a few languages aside from English, chiefly Spanish and some Romanian, and grew up speaking French. Travels light both by necessity and because he owns very little, usually living out of hotel rooms.


Following the events of canon, Archie is making an effort to turn his life around. While he may occasionally fall back on his old tricks when necessary, he no longer relies on pickpocketing or gambling to get by, instead finding legitimate work where and when he can. Hotel rooms have been traded for more permanent residency in an apartment, and though he may still give into his wanderlust sometimes, he stays in contact with those he cares about.

Trust remains hard won and easily revoked from him, but with enough time and persistence, he could learn to let someone in. He's becoming less selfish, a little less guarded, more inclined to see the good in others. His easygoing nature is more apparent.


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